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Wed, 2 Jan 2008 14:54:28 -0800 (PST)
From: Corey Anton
Subject: Forgive me Father IIForgive me Father , IICore Anton
This story contains mother son sex, incest, and a priest. If you are over
21, like it, read it, contact me.. Or if it disturbs you, go somewhere
The doorbell rang just a few minutes after I got home from school and I
ran to open the door, only to find my priest and a young boy standing
there,"Well, don't just stand there, Invite us in. This is Charlie, an altar
boy from church", he said."Yes, father. Please come in."Where is your mother", he asked"At work, she won't be home until about 5.""Good. Let's go into the living room." I followed him and the boy,
a bit older and taller than I was,
The priest looked around the room and checked out the windows and
turned back to me and told both us boys to undress. We quietly did as we
were told and I could se that Charlie had a smaller cock than mine even
tough he was bigger."Lie down on the floor and run around so you can suck each other off."We did as we were told and son I was swallowing Charlie's cock and
sucking with great slurping sounds, jerking my body preteen model adult
against the onslaught
of his mouth sucking my own hard cock.I looked up and saw that the priest had his robe up and his cock out, all
the while filming us with a video camera^Charlie came quickly and dropped a large load of hot cum down my throat
and while I had yet to cum, he pulled us apart and told me to ass fuck
Charlie.. My cock was still wet from his sucking and as he quickly got on
hall fours and presented his ass to me, I quickly mounted him and slammed
my cock onto his bottom, He cried out in pain but Father told me to fuck
him hard and get my whole cock onto is boy-hole.So I was swinging my cock in and out of his tight hole and Father was
calling him a slutty fuck-whore and pussy-boy and knelt on front of him
so Charlie could lick preteenpics feet com and suck his cock. The camera continued to roll.I felt my cum ready to burst free and groaned loudly as I humped into his
tight puss hole, grabbing him by the hips as I drove my cock into him,
burying it to my balls boy porn preteen as I shot steam after steam of hot cum into his
love hole.Father pushed me aside and drove his won cock in where mine had just left
and slammed into him in a frantic pace crying out as the sperm from
his balls welled up and spewed out into this kid's bottom, calling him
a cunt, a faggot piece of pussyhole, words that poured out of his mouth
with each slamming full body lunge into Charlie, grinding his cock around
as his balls lay against Charlie's\'s own preteens ls balls,He pulled out and immediately ground his cummy cock into my hole and
punched away at me, fucking me hard and deep but without coming. He laid
me over the top of Charlie, sideways as he fucked me, until with a few
slow humps, pulled out and lay back on the floor.
Finally, we all lay there all fucked out. Charlie climbed around and was
licking Father's balls and cock clean and the quiet slurping of his
cleanup job and my heavy breathing were the only sounds.Finally Father told us to dress again and sent Charlie asien preteen imageboard home. It was
then that he told me sex preteen s he was going to wait for my mom and that we were n
both going to fuck her.Mom came home and was very shocked to see the Father there. She knew I
had confessed everything to him. They talked I the kitchen for a while
and I heard bits of what he was saying abut her going to jail if he told
abut her and me^. But that he wanted us to be happy, but she was going
to have to put out for him and do it with me there.After some crying she came back to the living room and took me by the
hand to her bedroom, where we all undressed. He had me on the bed and
told her to suck my cock. She took it in her mouth and began sucking when
he came up behind her and grabbed her by the hips and buried his cock
into her pussy and began to fuck her while he tried her best to hang on
to y cock and suck me off^Father didn't last very long and cried out as he pumped a load of cum
into mom's pussy and then immediately pulled out and flipped her on the
bed and told me to suck his cum out of her oozing cunt.She spread her legs up and wide as I latched on with my mouth and began
to suck away at all their mixed juices.His hands were at my ass already and finger fucking my already loosened
boy hole. I knew he was going in and he didn't disappoint me soon I was
sucking cunt as my mom cried out as I Sucked and licked her hot juicy
pussy and she would grab my head and her preteens underwear teenies whole body shuddered as she
came again and again.Father pulled out again and had me lay on my back with my cock up her
cunt and he pushed her over on me so her breast were in my face, her
nipples hard and so lickable,,,, He then lubed his cock and slid it
into her butt hole, fucking her , holding her by the shudders as he
rammed his cock in and out of her ass. I could feel his cock through the
walls of her pussy and she was crying and swinging her tits back and
forth with each lunge of his cock into her^Mom dug her finger nails into my chest, making me bleed as she came again
and again, screaming for us to fuck her. I pulled on her boy porn preteen tits hard and
harder, yanking on the as I pushed up into her, each time feeling his
cock against mine.Father stopped again and this time pushed his cock into her pussy with
mine and we double fucked for a few minutes until it was too much for me
and I shot another load up mom's cunt,Father rolled her over on her back and took charge, fucking her face to
face with her legs up in the air as he pounded his prick into her with
earnest, mom crying out for preteen model adult more and more as I lay nude school preteen there watching their
bodies slam together.The he groaned loudly and shot his final load into her cunt, grunting
with each shot of his juices. Then he stood up and told me to forum preteen video finish the
job.Mom looked up at me as I sank my semi hard cock into her gushing cunthole
and fucked her like a real man. Soon it was hard rock again and we fucked
for a good ten minutes before I came.I quickly dropped down and began sucking her pussy, tasting his, hers and
mine, juices all mixed and hot. Mom swung around and sucked on me until
we finally just lay there.Only then did we realize that father had quietly left. We slept for an
hour before either moved. Then Mom woke up and I felt her lips on mine,
her tongue working inside my mouth and then I tasted the cum she must
have licked up from my prick and my balls.She let me suck her breasts then, holding me in her arms, nursing me like
she did years ago, her nipples were long and hard and I loved to suck
them this way, a boy and his motherHer hand reached down and began to stroke my cock.. We butts preteen girls knew our lives
now belonged to Father, but we could still have our own quiet moments
together. My cock stiffened and mom giggled. Dinner would have to wait.
My hand made its way down to her pussy lips.

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